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Mobile Notary

Image by Stephen Goldberg

Mobile Notary

Call to schedule a time and place convenient for you and we will be there to notarize your documents.  We travel to your home, job, hospital, assisted living home, retirement facility or any public place to notarize your documents.

  • The authorized fee for each notarial act is $2.00 as mandated by the state of Georgia. 

  • ​Travel fees vary depending upon distance traveled and time of day.  Other ancillary fees may be charged depending on the type of notarization, providing witnesses or attaching a notary certificate if none is provided. Please note that the travel fee and other ancillary fees are separate from notarization fees and are agreed upon in advance of the scheduled appointment.

  • Will Dew, Inc. requests that the travel fee be paid up front and is non-refundable in the event of a no-show or unable to properly identify the signer.

  • A premium fee is charged if the request is a rush, falls on a holiday or after our normal business hours.

  • A notary may refuse to notarize a signature if the signer is unable to provide proper and valid identification or if the signer is not coherent, under duress or does not understand the document they are signing.

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